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Privacy and Cookie Policy explains how Entradio process and protect user’s information. It also elaborates how cookies are used by Entradio Solutions Private Limited on from websites, mobile sites etc.

Privacy Policy

We endeavour to set forth a Privacy Policy that can protect Personal Information and maintain confidentiality of the same in equal measures. This Privacy Policy is applicable to anyone who purchases any services of Entradio directly from us or through our sales channels (websites, mobile sites and mobile apps).

Personal Information

Personal Information refers to all information pertaining to an ‘individual’ who gets identified through multiple details. Personal Information includes: your personal profile, your usage history, user identification access details, system logon details, transactional details and stored details.

Personal profile is the information you provide when you avail our service or do membership registration with personal identity details like name, gender, marital status, religion, age etc.; contact details like permanent address, communication address, telephone/ mobile number, e-mail, fax etc.; financials details like billing address, credit/ debit card number, cardholder name, expiration date and other associated financial details. We encrypt this information in our secured servers.

Your usage history implies service usage of our websites/ links etc. User identification access details imply user identification for login, password and its validation hint for our website. System logon details imply details related to internet domain and host, internet protocol address of the computer, operating system, type of browser and device activities. We track and collect system logon details when our website is accessed for tracking & collection.

We capture transactional details when you engage onto e-commerce activities with us. This is on travel information, bookings details, passengers, frequent traveller numbers and any other information that may be needed from you. Finally, stored details are information created by you or a third party that we store in our system in the form of image, documents etc.

We will use your Personal Information only for the purpose enumerated as part of our privacy policy. Should we intend to use your Personal Information for any other purposes; we will seek your due permission.

Any Personal Information we use in an aggregated manner is our property. We shall use the Personal Information, in our exclusive discretion, without any compensation to you, to consolidate statistical and demographical profiles for our wider businesses and marketing activities in a manner that such aggregated information will not be in a position to identify you.

You agree that, in the interest of improving the overall service quality, efficiency and personalisation, we may, share your Personal Information with our partners, who shall use the Personal Information, controlled by us, under secure and controlled circumstances.

You agree that, in the interest of improving the overall service quality, efficiency and personalisation, we may, share your Personal Information with our partners, who shall use the Personal Information, controlled by us, under secure and controlled circumstances.

Making booking through Entradio

In order to make booking in Entradio, you are required to provide your Personal Information as enumerated above for our record and transaction processing. You purchase or make reservations of additional travellers other than you, you would be required to share the Personal Information of other travellers as well. Please ensure to have agreement with your co-travellers about their sharing of Personal Information with us. We need your Personal Information in order to process and confirm your reservation and transaction and also to keep you posted on your transaction status.

We have also enabled adequate safeguards in our website to secure your Personal Information. All payments on our website, mobile site and mobile apps are secured. All Personal Information shared by you is transmitted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. SSL is a proven secured coding system that lets your browser encrypt data before sending it to us.

Membership registration

In order to enable membership registration to our website we would require information beyond select Personal Information like user identification for login, password and its validation hint. We collect this information to: Gather Personal Information; complete reservations processing & transaction confirmation; improve on our offerings; enable customer service oriented activities; improve our website mobile site and mobile apps based on your feedback and need.

Feedback and surveys

We value your opinion and act on that to continuously improve our services in our websites, mobile sites and mobile apps. It also helps us to introduce appropriate promotional features. To that effect, we introduce occasional surveys and feedback mechanism. Surveys and feedback participation is completely optional for you.

Promotions and offerings

We frequently issue promotions and other special offerings related to travel, hotel bookings and travel related prizes to make your experience an enriching one. Based on the information gathered by us through survey and other offerings, we reach out to you to notify the winners and develop our offerings in the process. As a member, you would receive e-mail communications on new offerings like fare benefits, promotions, sales discounts etc. on a regular basis unless you choose to opt out of the communication.

Using Personal Information to enhance website

For all our services available in our website and to the extent you use our services, to that extent we shall use your information to enhance our website and facilitate our services. For e.g. if you send an e-mail we shall use your e-mail, name, nature of question etc. to respond to your e-mail. Furthermore, we shall store such information to improvise our services in our website.

Personal Information usage under exclusive circumstances

We might use or store or track or disclose your Personal Information under exclusive circumstances. In which case, we shall do as per law, to carry out our business, to secure our applications/ systems and enable our own privileges. Such usage as mentioned above may be without your cognisance. In such case, we are not liable for any damages accruing to you, directly or indirectly, or to any third party or any of your partners.

We will continue to monitor your Personal Information to ensure compliance to the user rules and take necessary actions in case of situation of non-compliance. We will monitor your Personal Information to safeguard the security and reliability of our services to you. In order to do that, we might filter your incoming and outgoing electronic data as part of your interaction with our website. We might filter (without limit) for spam, viruses, obscene materials, unlawful contents and undesired materials.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are information stored in your browser in the hard drive of the system you used. Cookies are used to store user preference and help track user trends. We use ‘Cookies’ to provide you with more customised information every time you return to our website. This helps us to improve your interactive experience of our offerings and services in our website. Cookies are not in a position to change any program in your computer or ingest viruses onto your system.

How Cookies will be used

Information collected by cookies include your use of the Service, your device’s IP address and browser type, how you arrived on one of the Services, your name, and email address if you are logging in, etc. First party cookies are our own cookies set by Entradio, controlled by us and used to provide information about the usage of the Service to users. In case we allow others to service cookies through the websites and apps, these cookies are so-called “third-party cookies." Following cookies will be used by Entradio.

Technical Cookies: There cookies are used to give our visitors an advanced, user-friendly website and apps that adapt automatically to their needs and wishes. Also to show you our website, to make them function correctly,to create your user account, to sign you in, and to manage your bookings. These technical cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to function properly.

Functional Cookies: These cookies remember your preference to use the Service and enable us to improve the way the Service works. These cookies remember your preferred currency, language, your searches, and your previously viewed Trip Providers. We might also use cookies to remember your registration info so that you don’t have to retype your login credentials each time you visit our site. Passwords will, however, always be encrypted. These functional cookies aren't strictly necessary for the functioning of our website or apps, but they add functionality and enhance your experience.

Analytics Cookies: Analytics Cookies allow us to improve our services by collecting information about your use of the Service. We use these cookies to help improve how the website works. For example, Analytics Cookies show us statistics, which are the most frequently visited pages on the Service, help us record any difficulties you have with the Service. We can’t identify you personally through the use of these cookies, but third parties who provide these cookies may be able to.

Commercial Cookies: Behavioural Advertising Cookies are used to deliver relevant advertisements to users both on and off the Service. We analyse what pages you visit on these sites, what products or services you view, and whether you view or click on ads that are shown to you. We use this information to send you interest-based ads and may also share this information with third parties. Similarly, our partners may use a cookie to determine whether we’ve shown an ad and how it performed, or provide us with information about how you interact with ads. We may also work with a partner to show you an ad on or off the Service, such as after you have visited a partner’s site or application.

Third Party Cookies: Some of the cookies on the Service are operated by third parties, such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook or Google. Some of these third parties (for example third-party advertisers) may use cookies on the Service, in emails or in our advertisements on other websites to allow them to deliver the services they are providing. Some of the cookies operated by third parties may be used for analytics purposes, such as to monitor, analyze and prevent fraudulent traffic or other suspicious activities.

Geo-Location Information: Some devices allow applications to access real-time location-based information (for example, GPS). Some photos or other content you place within the Service may contain recorded location information. We may use this information to optimize your experience. Also, some of the information we collect from a device, for example IP address, can sometimes be used to approximate a device’s location.

Overarching agreement

You agree that in addition to the terms and conditions mentioned, we will not be liable to you or your partners or any other third party, any damages howsoever accruing due to disclosure of your Personal Information. Your only choice for such situation is to make this agreement, null and void.