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Why Partner with

Because, after detailed research around the gaps in the industry, team Entradio has come up with something “so called a platform” - is nothing but a bundle of capabilities that would enable Hotels and Customers for online room booking. Few key areas are -

Cost Efficient –

Entradio is here to eliminate the intermediaries and bring down the cost issues. Self-service is the future and this platform is for Hotels who want to enjoy online presence with complete control on their sells, which include inventories & rates, and do not appreciate regular revenue leakages in the form of commissions.

Direct Customers –

Entradio is not a travel agency and do not build a wall between hotels and their customers. Entradio works like a technology platform/partner and help in building a communication channel which focuses on increasing your chance of building relationship with global travellers and increase sells.

Parity Disparity-

Entradio’s model is such that it lays a strong support system for Hotels on rate game, helping them to freely quote rates to the customer, based on their strategic sells plan.

Entradio being a closed group portal, your rates are only published to private registered users. This enables you with a freedom from agreements you signed with other intermediaries, limiting your rates on public portals.

Customer Connect – Chat tool

Entradio comes with a unique capability for customers to chat directly with Hotels on the portal, and discuss on their requirements. This connect capability provides a great opportunity for hotels to convert an inquiry into a business.

Bids & Pay@Hotel-

Entradio’s unique bidding and Pay@Hotel methods are targeted towards converting and increasing sells for short term, and building network with customer. We also take care of securing a transaction in a way, such as for a booking made via BID cannot be cancelled, to ascertain that Hotels do not lose.

Review & Ratings-

Entradio gets you genuine review/ratings from only registered users on the platform. Reviews are one of the key sells driver in today’s world and genuine information increases both as in hotels quality and sells numbers.

How it Works?

Create an account

Register yourself and sign-up for a property.

Upload property details.

Update your property, rooms and other required details. Upload relevant documents as requested and get published to customers.

Go-live on Entradio

Manage your inventory and start selling.

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