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Top 5 Tourist Places To Visit In Puri

Puri, a city of remarkable heritage and the abode of Lord Jagannath is one of the oldest cities of India. Puri is located in Odisha and is a travel destination for huge number of people who come for receiving the blessings of Lord Jagannath. Puri happens to be one of the most sacred pilgrimage centres of Hindus. This place not only has cultural richness, but also is a tourist's paradise.

Puri or Jagannath Puri, Bhubaneswar and Konark form the Golden Triangle of Odisha. Puri is famous for the Temple of Lord Jagannath whose deities were sculpted by the divine architect Vishwakarma himself.

Being a great tourist destination, Puri has lot to offer besides the Jagannath Temple for any tourist to explore and enjoy. We suggest the following tourist places.


The jagannath temple of puri is one of its main attractions that lures people not only from the lengths and breadths of india, but also from around the world.

A story reveals that king indradyumna sent his ministers to look for the neela madhaba which appeared in his dream and was secretly worshipped by a tribal chief named viswavasu. one of his ministers, vidyapati had discovered this well kept secret after marrying the chief's daughter. He was taken to neela madhaba but blindfolded. however, vidyapati, being smart enough took few mustard seeds with him and dropped them on the way.

When the king came to know, He left immediately. however, to his dissapointment, He found that the neela madhaba was lost and had dissapeared in the sand. The king was determined and decided to fast until he got a glimpse of the lord. Pleased by him, The gods directed him to carve idols from the fragrant tree on the seashore and install them in the temple built by him.


The Gundicha temple lies 3 km away from the main Jagannatha temple and is significant for the annual rath yatra. The temple is occupied by the deities of Jagannatha, His brother, Balabhadra and Sister Subhadra.


A comparatively cleaner beach, the puri beach is located on the bay of bengal and has a lot of things to offer such as playing, bathing, fun activities for the kids, body massage, horse rides, camel rides along with tempting food options. A beautiful sunset can be enjoyed along with a refreshing breeze following it.


The chilika lake, a beautiful place with amazing attractions including long boat rides that enables the visitors to witness the magnificient flora and fauna. If you are lucky, then you might see a few dolphins moving around. It is not only the largest salt water lake of india, but also a must visit for bird as well as nature lovers.


The raghurajpur art village, approximately at a distance of 10 kms from puri, is a village where almost everybody is an artist. This village consists of pattachitra painters, an art form which is in existence since 5 bc. The products range from leaf engraving, wood and stone carvings, paper mache; thus making it one of the top places to visit in puri.

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