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Top 5 must visit places in Mahabaleshwar

MAHABALESHWAR, an amazing hill station is situated to the south of Mumbai. This place is no less than India's very own warehouse of greenery. It is quiet and spellbinding at the same time with its picturesque tourist spots and mesmerizing mountains. This scenic site bewitches all its visitors with such fascination that they often tend to face a strange draw for this place.

The invigorating breeze, sun's subtle radiance, the sunset and sunrise are such that one cannot help but remain hypnotised to the stimulating ambience of this place. Especially, as this place is close to metros like Mumbai, Pune, Surat, etc., people love to sneak out from such metros as and when they get an oppurtnity. We offer the list of 5 top spots of this place for you to make best of your visit to Mahabaleshwar, when you next plan your weekend destination from Mumbai, Pune or any other place.


Constructed by the great Satara rulers, this lake is thronged by visitors who come for an exciting horse ride and a soothing boat journey on this lake. Restaurents available at the sides of this lake are great and it offers a fabulous treat for the nature lovers besides food. With a considerable depth of 120 feet, this place is one of the top places in Mahabaleshwar.


Built by the great Maratha king, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Pratapgad is a fort whose citadel reaches up to an elevation of 3500m. Pratapgad, literally meaning,'Valour Fort' completely deserves its name because of the display of selfless valour in the war between Shivaji Maharaj and Afzal Khan. Along with the fort a Bhavani temple lies at the top of the fort attracting even more tourists towards it.


Arthur's Seat is also known as the Queen of Points. Arthur's Seat has a bit of history to its name. Sir Arthur lost his wife and children in a tragic ferry ride in the Savitri River. He used to sit at this point and stare at the river. It is a nice place to spend the evening for a breath-taking view of the Sayadri Range. Arthur's Seat Point area has 6 points in total including Arthur's Seat point, Echo point, Hunter Point, Tiger Spring Point, Window Point and the Malcolm Point.


'Mapro', a leading company in strawberry based products, chocolates, fruit products and a large variety of other items has its very own garden and store in Mahabaleshwar. Here visitors get to see strawberry farms stretched over long distances along with a chocolate factory located adjacent to the farm. The extremely delicious sandwiches, pizzas and strawberry desserts make this destination heavily appealing spot.


As one might infer from the name, the Sunset Point or the Bombay Point allows the visitors to cherish and enjoy every single moment of the mind blowing blend of hues as the Sun departs for the day. This place fills one with ecstasy and inner satisfaction; and is definitely worth a try.

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