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Entradio.com is a travel tech company that enable hotels to leverage the platform themselves to sell their room directly. Customer can directly connect with hotels and book rooms on direct hotel prices, they can rest assured that their bookings are made directly with hotels at a genuine price and can expect premium hospitality.
When you book hotels on entradio.com, you directly deal with end-supplier (Hotel) and you get a level of confidence that there is no intermediate involved and hence the unwanted surprises are eliminated. You get the best of hotel services when you directly book with supplier and be their guest. With direct hotel, you can expect to get best inventory availability, genuine prices, reasonable discounts and great customer experience for your hotel reservation.
entradio.com is not typically an online travel agent as the partnership with hotels is not on agency model and no commissions are charged to hotels. The platform is accessed by hotels on subscription basis to be used as an online platform to reach out to their online customers directly and accept hotel bookings. The hotels own most of the responsibilities in regard to their inventory and sales on entradio.com, which otherwise is not the case in their partnership with online travel agents.
Customers saves a huge amount of money while booking hotels on entradio.com, the biggest chunk of their saving comes from exceptional discounts offered on the hotel prices. The discounts are exceptionally great, as hotels do not pay extra commission for the transaction that they otherwise pay to the intermediates and are able to share those savings directly with customers in the form of hotel discount. On top of this, other benefits like 'BID your price' function and ad-on promotional discounts help to enhance cost cutting for customer to a greatest level.
A BID function is a capability given to customers to negotiate online with hotel prices. At times, your accommodation need is longer or bigger, and with a little bit of negotiation the business can be fruitful for both you and hotel. The BID function allows you to put up price requests with multiple hotels and you can get a hotel's acceptance on your special request. This is a just a one-time request for an immediate booking and we find a lot of hotels accept or share best prices against the BID requests to gain new customers and hotel reservations, which is a great welcome gesture and a superb experience for customer.
entradio.com is not an online travel agency or intermediate, and hence the focus is on enabling customers to come closer to hotels, deal direct and purchase efficiently. To support this, multiple communication channels are enabled for customers such as an integrated "chat tool" for you to chat directly with hotels, "direct calling" and "email connect" to directly connect and book direct hotel.
Customers are offered with both online payment and pay@hotel options. entradio.com is integrated with authorized payment processing partner 'PayUMoney' for a secured online payment experience. Customer can also select a pay@hotel option for hotels that enabled the option for their reservation on the platform.
Payments and refunds are governed by entradio.com for a seamless transaction experience. The cancellation rule is defined by hotel on the platform, which can be referred by customer during booking a hotel room. The payment is processed in favour of hotel and/or customer, based on the booking status and cancellation rule configured by hotel. The customer can rest at piece and need not follow up with hotels to get their refunds back on time, even though they are dealing directly and making direct hotel booking.
Entradio.com is a member only private travel website to make many unusual of things possible and enhance user experience. Features like BID, CHAT and private prices are few of the capabilities that can be made available only to trusted customers and hence login protection is a requirement for hotels to know their customers well.

A direct hotel booking company.